Synderes is an All-American rock band from Orlando, Florida formed in 2012. The band currently consists of lead vocalist Synder (“Amanda Hernandez”), lead guitarist Anthony Hernandez, drummer Alec Lowe, rhythm guitarist Jasper Chong and bassist Pierson Lowe.  The group just released its debut single “Enemy inside” to its upcoming album, “Make A Stand.”


The band was originally formed by Alec Lowe and Anthony Hernandez.  Anthony and Alec, ages 12 and 13, were just learning to play instruments when they decided it would be “fun” to start a band.  After a few practices they invited a third band member (the bassist) into the group and officially called themselves R.I.J. They practiced together on most Saturdays and mainly covered popular rock songs as they became stronger and stronger as instrumentalists.


In the summer after R.I.J.’s origination, they found a female singer that they felt would complete their band.  The singer continued with R.I.J. and learned the cover songs but admitted that she was primarily singing for the group to have something fun to do on the weekends.  After a year with R.I.J. she left the group feeling overwhelmed by the pressure as they started performing at local gigs.


Pierson Lowe, the current bassist, was originally invited as a rhythm guitarist into R.I.J. by the previous bassist, prior to the fall out of their lead singer.  Pierson recalls the group telling him that he had three days to learn five songs.  With his jaw wide open, he accepted the challenge and performed that weekend at the band’s first event.  He is now the band’s bassist but still remembers that day and the nervousness he had as he fought with his mind to remember all those songs.


R.I.J. played one more gig but with the pressure of losing their lead singer the band began to fall apart. First the singer left and then shortly after, their bassist left as he began to feel that their goals were moving in different directions. For months after the loss of the singer and bassist and band was at the verge of falling apart.  But in April of 2012, Anthony Hernandez said it all became clear.  Amanda, Anthony’s sister had been involved in school musicals and had just joined another rock band. This made little sense to Anthony since he had originally suggested that Amanda should join their band at previous meetings. So now with the previous bassist gone…  Alec, Anthony and Pierson convinced Amanda to join them as their lead singer and Jasper Chong (Pierson’s closest friend) to join them as their new rhythm guitarist.  Now the band became SOLID!


After months of tedious practicing, the band was ready to move up to a higher level. So in December 2012, with the help of their manager Jessy Hernandez and producers Homar Del Valle and international producer, Rogelio Gomez (who provided creative direction), the group began recording and working on an album.  Synderes is now an internationally traveling band appearing at concerts and events worldwide. They are in the process of completing their first debut album which will be released in late spring of 2014.